Address: Arrivare poco prima del Castello Medioevale e seguire le indicazioni date.


The archaeological site of the "Colle delle Fate" is located above the village of Roccacasale, on a hill about 725 meters above sea level. It is a fortified centre from the Italic period and is among the best preserved of its kind.
You can still see three of the defensive walls, of which there are large sections, made of hewn stone.   The longest stretch is of about 350 meters and surrounds the entire area. 
The ruins which are located at the highest point, laid out like an acropolis, would lead us to think that this was a sacred area. Inside the fence there are two cisterns for collecting rainwater, built with rows of stone blocks and without mortar, gradually protruding upwards, using a very accurate technique. It is likely that both tanks were closed over by plates with a circular hole. The analysis of the material found inside the wells shows the presence of settlements on the site from the Bronze Age right up to the Roman era.